Classroom Technology

Teach with Classroom Technology

Every computer in Adams14 is loaded with Microsoft Office Professional 2007 and have internet access with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox . These are powerful tools that can be integrated into all content areas. The following links will offer help in using MS products and other software/hardware tools in your classroom.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Education

 Innovative Teachers Practical tutorial guides for students, teachers, and administrators to learn how to use Microsoft software in the classroom.

Microsoft in the Classroom

 Learn how to use and integrate Microsoft software in the classroom with in-depth, step-by-step tutorial guides for students, teachers, and staff.

Epson Projectors

Engage and Assess with Classroom Technology

CPS einstruction "clicker" Resources


SmartBoard Resources

For more information about the Vernier science software and technology, please contact

Students Create with Classroom Technology

Click here to learn more about Photo Story 3 for Windows

 Click here to learn more about Windows Movie Maker®