Digital Projector Care

Tips on maintaining your projector and lamp.

1. Clean the filter! This can be done by removing the filter and brushing or blowing the dust out. If the filter is not cleaned, this will drastically decrease the lamp life as it cannot cool. The filter keeps dust out of the engine, but also pulls air in so that the projector stays cool. Epson suggests that this be done every month. 

Cleaning the filter on your Epson Projector

2. When finished using the Epson, please do not unplug it without letting it cool. This is also a culprit in degrading the lamp and is not uncommon in the k12 environment. Proper procedure is to push the power button once and then again when the notice on the screen asks if you want to power off. The projector will cool down for a couple of seconds and when complete, it is okay to unplug.

3. Handling - like any mechanical device, handle with care. not drop or place them down firmly. Often when dropped, the lamps get blown. The projectors are designed to be "handled", so you do not need to be overly cautious, just cognizant.

4. Check lamp hours in the menu so that you can prepare budgets for a new lamp. I typically tell people to start planning when the projectors is around 1200-1500 hours.