Digital Storytelling

The purpose of the Digital Storytelling page is to provide resources, exemplars, ideas and lesson plans. Please help this page grow by sharing your projects!

Digital Storytelling in Plain English

Planning Resources

Free online Storyboard creator - You can choose paper size, weight of lines, number of illustration frames, page header, add description lines, and change line color.  Once you have created your storyboard, you can download and print it as a PDF file.

Challenge Base Learning from Apple - Begin with the Key Components for great resources to guide your essential question and unit plans.

Creation Tools

Windows Movie Maker - This is a good tool if you have students record their voice using iPods, MP3 recorder, Audacity, web camera or a digital camera.  

Windows Photo Story 3 - This is a good tool for beginner's (teachers and students). 

Audacity - Use audacity to record and edit sounds or recordings.  Make sure to also download the LAME MP3 encoder (you can add your sounds and recordings to your SMART Notebook files!)