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Instructional Technology


Win a SMART Document Camera!!!

And the winner is Dana Emarine, Kindergarten teacher from 
Central Elementary!  Watch for her spotlight and lesson plan in an upcoming Technology Newsletter.
At the bottom of this newsletter is a Google Form.  Complete ALL questions on the form and click submit.   If you complete the questions, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a SMART Document Camera!  Entries must be submitted by Thursday, January 6, 2011, to be eligible for the drawing.  The prize will be delivered to the winning teacher on or before Monday, January 10, 2011.

FREE Microsoft Office

 Tutorials and

MUCH, MUCH more!!!

Are you looking for help with the new 2007 Microsoft Office Suite? Do you have burning questions about how to do just this one thing?  Are you ready to advance your students' learning using digital tools? Check out what Atomic Learning has to offer you.  There are tutorials from Adobe products to Microsoft Word.  Here are two tutorials to help you get started!

Did you know Atomic Learning is available to any district staff member with log in credentials?  Atomic Learning is also available to families in our district.  Please contact Kelly Berry or Dave Tarwater if you have questions or would like to learn more!


Ready to inspire your class?  Get your students' stories ready for the big screen and submit their films!  Stay tuned for training opportunities, submission deadlines and the date for the 6th annual Adams 14 Film Fest.

Please view the Adams 14 Film Fest website or contact Kelly Berry for more information and getting started tips on this awesome student experience!  

Featured Link

Please read Digital Projector Care to learn more about your valuable Epson projector and easy maintenance steps to ensure it has a long lifespan.

Web Tools for Educators

A collaborative free eBook headed up by Richard Byrne. The book showcases hundreds of the best free web tools and talks about how they can be successfully implemented in the classroom. Short and sweet, this is already being hailed as a "comprehensive must-have"!

Download your copy from Atomic Learning (direct link is below). You must be logged in to your Atomic Learning account to access and download this ebook.

Best resources for Elementary Schools begins on page 8.

Best resources for Middle Schools begins on page 26.

Best resources for High Schools begins on page 36.

Using your Document Camera

The old adage, practice makes perfect is great advice when it comes to using your document camera as a teaching tool.  Here are a few things to think about to help you get the most out of your document camera.

Check your surroundings - Is the information getting projected for all eyes to see and learn?  

Check your comfort level - Does your multi-media cart setup work for you?  Do you know how to trouble-shoot technical difficulties?

I can turn it on and freeze paper, now what?  If you're ready for the next training step using your document camera or have a question about your setup, please reach out to Global Learners in your school, Kelly Berry or Dave Tarwater. When you are ready, next steps include taking pictures, videos and using AverMedia software.

Resources and Lesson Plans
The AverMedia Lesson Plan Page has a variety of lesson plan ideas ready for you to view and adapt to your classroom needs. Here are two sample lessons from their website:
Drawing Portfolio - High School Art

Digital Story Telling in Plain English